• Fourth & Hope Empty Bowl 2013

    Empty Bowl annual event for 2013 was held at the Hotel Woodland. Funds raised at  Empty Bowls will go toward the mission’s program that helps homeless people transition to a stable independent lifestyle.

    Two different seating times were available, a Wednesday evening dinner and a Thursday noon lunch. Both the dinner and the lunch included a roll and a choice of several types of soup – Chicken Tortilla, Minestrone, Mushroom, Potato and Bacon, and Clam Chowder from local restaurants.  A Special thanks to The Burger Saloon, Ludy’s BBQ, Maria’s Cantina, The Roadtrip and The Savory Cafe.

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  • Get Involved

    The safety net services of Fourth & Hope are a vital part of Yolo County; without your investment through volunteering or donating hundreds would go without the bare essentials. Donate or volunteer today.

    Learn more about Fourth & Hope’s “Empty Bowls” event.

  • Give Hope

    Yolo Wayfarer Center has officially changed its name to Fourth & Hope.  Please check out our organization’s commercial so you can see the types of services we provide.  Get involved with us by volunteering, donating or sponsoring and help support our community safety net.

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    What is Empty Bowls? Empty Bowls is Fourth & Hope’s annual event to raise awareness and funds for the fight against hunger in Yolo County. Our Read more →


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