Our Mission

To feed, clothe, shelter and facilitate recovery to those in need and to show the love of Jesus Christ in words and actions.


Fourth & Hope is an organization that aims high and delivers even higher.

We’ve been committed to this community for 30 years, and work hard to be there to meet every need possible. We maintain a workforce development program that is transforming the lives of the homeless in Woodland and Yolo County; 73% of clients that complete our training find employment that helps them off the street – and into permanent housing. We provide nearly 70,000 meals each year to the hungry and homeless in Woodland and Yolo County, and arrange shelter for over 450 homeless individuals each day.

The safety net services of Fourth & Hope are a vital part of Yolo County; without your investment, hundreds would go without the bare essentials. But with your help, thousands more can benefit from the goodness of Fourth & Hope – and our community becomes the thriving, prosperous community it was meant to be.







Board Of Directors:

Title Name
Board President Robert Partlow
Vice President Suzi Ishikawa
Secretary Larry Peterson
Treasurer Scott Mansell
Member Thomas Liberto
Member David Hardin
Member Wayne Garske
Member Trudie Martin
Member Nick Roncoroni
Member Pat Stoffregen
Member Shelia Brymer

The board of directors meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. Please call 530-941-2070 for meeting location.

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