Homeless Services

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The Emergency Shelter is the gateway to finding a solution to homelessness. Established in 1985 and expanding services into our new facility in 2006 at Fourth and Hope, individuals and families in crisis come to the Emergency Shelter to identify their needs and be connected to appropriate resources.

Housing Program

The Family Transitional Housing Program has provided the security of shelter and support services to more than 2000 children and their parents since being established in 1989. These families receive intensive case management services beginning with an extensive assessment to analyze the family’s history and events leading up to the current state of homelessness. The goal is to address the identified issues, enhance parenting and life skills, assist the family in securing economic independence through employment or other benefits programs and ultimately, have permanent housing secured. Due to the incredible need for housing, the organization has expanded its housing program to include single individuals, including Veterans, and the mentally ill who would have otherwise remained homeless. By developing partnerships with property managers and property owners, we have reduced barriers to accessing housing and increased our housing units from 12 to 55 (an increase of 458%) in less than 2 years. This emphasizes our commitment to reducing homelessness in our community and throughout Yolo County.

Treatment Services

Residential Treatment (Walter’s House)

Walter’s House operates a Therapeutic Community Model which helps clients begin to understand how their decisions and behaviors effect everyone around them which addresses distorted thinking patterns and low self-opinion and allows clients to experience recovery from addictive behaviors. Walter’s House is a residential substance abuse program with a 60% success rate: a life free from drugs, with employment and stable housing.



  • Executive Director, Doug Zeck, Jr.
  • Operations Director, Amara Pickens


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